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Expert Advice & Guidance

Buying a home is a big decision and there can be many obstacles in the process. It is a huge financial and emotional undertaking. Stylianos makes the buying process simple and seamless for his clients so that buying a home transforms from a daunting process to a cherished memory. You want to work with someone who represents you. That’s the Armaos Realty’s Group priority – to have your best interest in mind and promise you unparalleled level of service, confidentiality, loyalty and representation you deserve.

24/7 Service

Stylianos is always available by call, text, email or live chat. His clients love his immediate response time and unparalleled communication skills.


The Art of Negotiation

The negotiation is a delicate process which often requires finesse to get an offer accepted. Stylianos is an expert at presenting his clients offer in the most professional and straightforward manner which is vital in multiple offer situations.

Off Market Properties

Although Houston is a big city, the elite real estate community is not. Working with Stylianos gives you access to exclusive properties that are not on the market.

Everything you need to know about using a REALTOR® to buy a home


You want the right home in the ideal location, with exceptional amenities at an unbeatable price. Is your dream home out there?

Buying a home can be complicated—and overwhelming—unless you have a comprehensive list and a good Real Estate Agent to find the right house to meet your qualifications. A great Real Estate Agent can usher you through the home-buying process without a hitch. After all, they will have a strong network of connections and resources from a reputable real estate company to help you find the right home at the best price.

How can you find all of this in one place? By hiring a Real Estate Agent who works for a reliable real estate company; someone who can help you plant new roots in the home you’re meant to own.


There are all kinds of reasons why people set out to buy a new home:

  • First-time homebuyers who are looking to build equity.
  • A family looking for a bigger home as they grow.
  • Renters who hope to get out of the constant hassles of renting and landlords.
  • Someone who is relocating to a new area.
  • An individual or family who is going through a big life change like a marriage.
  • Someone who is looking for a vacation home or potential investment rental property.

We’ll walk you through the entire process of buying a home here in Houston.

  1. Assessing your financial assets.
  2. Researching the local market.
  3. Requesting pre-approval.
  4. Determining your needs and priorities.
  5. Making and negotiating an offer.
  6. Managing home inspections and securing a loan.
  7. Submitting all necessary paperwork and closing on the home.

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Stylianos has a unique blend of skills, knowledge, professional relationships, and experiences that sets him apart in the industry. Contact him today!

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